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Godly Counsel

Here, you will find words of wisdom for your life. We have carefully selected messages for spiritual growth of The Dedicated Man!

Welcome to a panel discussion on all things surrounding the pandemic and vaccination. On our panel, we have Dr. Al Reece, Dr. Chris Gibbons, Dr. Milton Brown and Dr. Andre Farquharson. They were gracious enough to take some time and answer both concerns and questions surrounding COVI-19. I hope you enjoy.


Listen to Pastor Ivor Myers preach on "The Testimony of Jesus".

Listen to the Relevant Religion Series - "Gender Equity" - Pastor Bron Jacobs Your text is Judges 4:4-10

Listen to Pastor Michael P. Kelly. "I got issues." Your text is Mark 5:21-43

Join Pastor Wright as he shares a message demonstrating how Jesus' teachings revolutionize the way you think about money. Your starting text is Luke 21:34.

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