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God Protects!

We all know and declare that time is running short. We see the hand of the enemy daily in our lives personally and in the lives of individual who are impacted by his evil plots to destroy and to maim. The evils that we see in our world today will only get worse as God's presence is refused in the lives and the culture that we are a part of today.

We cannot live in fear of when the next evil attack is going to occur, we must live in daily confidence and assurance of His protections over our eternal hope, even if we at some point become a victim of the enemy's deadly ploys. I am going to provide a few biblical texts that I want you to review and review and review, until you are able to see the importance of possessing eternal life today, right now, at this very moment!!!!! We must get it men, if we plan to see Yeshua Messiah someday in peace!

Please read and pray and ask the God of heaven to open your eyes that you might see those things that you may never have seen before from these biblical thoughts. Here we go; John 5:39,40; John 3:14-17; John 5:24,25; John 17:3; I John 5:11,12; Romans 4:17 and Deuteronomy 30:19. Until we as individuals have come to know eternal life that emanates from the indwelling presence of Jesus Christ, "we are dead tho we live" I Timothy 5:6. May the peace that only Messiah can grant become a part of your daily experience.


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