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Who Am I?

Have you read the book entitled, "Gospel Transformation- What the Good News Does in Your Life?”  One of the latter chapters in the book deals with the idea of "Knowing the In-Christ truths."  Knowing where and who you are as an individual believer in Christ. One of the exercises that the reader is asked to participate in at the end of this chapter is to write out a statement of belief based on the biblical teachings of who and what we are in Christ.   We want to encourage you to take some time to develop a quick summation of who you are in Jesus Christ. We offer this example, "Because of the promise of life in Jesus Christ, I no longer have to strive to live without sin, attempt to be pleasing to Him. I now live in the present reality which declares, everything that God requires for me to be united with him, I possess it through the active presence of the Divine indwelling."  To aide you in this exercise, below is a list of biblical principles that declare who we really are IN CHRIST. “Who I now am "in Christ. "I believe it because God's word declares it.

l am now under no condemnation.

I now have received all of God's grace.

I now have been brought near to God by the blood of Christ.

I am now a new creature in Christ Jesus.

I am now part of a new creation which is Christ's church.

I now have received every spiritual blessing "in Christ".

I am now part of a holy priesthood offering spiritual sacrifices of praise to God and serving others.

I am now justified and acquitted from all sin.

I now have the very righteousness of God credited to my account.

I am now redeemed from the slavery of sin.

I am now reconciled to God.I now have peace with God.

I am now sanctified, perfected, and set apart in Christ.

I am now free from the law of sin and death.

I am now a dwelling for the Spirit of God.

I am now sealed by the Holy Spirit who guarantees my inheritance.

I now have received a spiritual gift.

I now have liberty in Christ.I now have eternal life.

I now have once and for all passed out of the realm of death into the realm of life.

I now have entered God's rest.I am now freed from sin.

I am now dead to sin.I am now free from the law.

I am now adopted into God's family.

I am now a mature child of God.

I am now qualified to share the inheritance of the saints in light.

The enemy of souls has blinded the minds of some to the point that we don't see ourselves as God truly declares us to be.

Shalom, and may the peace that He alone promises you becomes a present reality in your personal life. John 8:24

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