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Who I now am "in Christ"

"I believe it because God's word declares it"

1. I am now under no condemnation. 2. I now have received all of God's grace. 3. I now have been brought near to God by the blood of Christ. 4. I am now a new creature in Christ Jesus. 5. I am now part of a new creation which is Christ's church. 6. I now have received every spiritual blessing "in Christ". 7. I am now part of a holy priesthood offering spiritual sacrifices of praise to God and serving others. 8. I am now justified and acquitted from all sin. 9. I now have the very righteousness of God credited to my account. 10. I am now redeemed from the slavery of sin. 11. I am now reconciled to God. 12. I now have peace with God. 13. I am now sanctified, perfected, and set apart in Christ. 14. I am now free from the law of sin and death. 15. I am now a dwelling for the Spirit of God. 16. I am now sealed by the Holy Spirit who guarantees my inheritance. 17. I now have received a spiritual gift. 18. I now have liberty in Christ. 19. I now have eternal life. 20. I now have once and for all passed out of the realm of death into the realm of life. 21. I now have entered God's rest. 22. I am now freed from sin. 23. I am now dead to sin. 24. I am now free from the law. 25. I am now adopted into God's family. 26. I am now a mature child of God. 27. I am now qualified to share the inheritance of the saints in light.

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