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Whose Righteousness?

Often times the question is asked, who is righteous?  We can all agree and respond without hesitation, NO ONE!  Is that really the question we should ask? Realistically, the question should be, HOW is one to be made righteous?

Job 25:4 says, "How then can man be justified (righteous) with God? or how can he be clean that is born of a woman?" When we understand the HOW, we are on our way to successful Christ like living.  There is only one guaranteed way of being made righteous, and that is through faith in God's promise of Life in Jesus Christ.  We are declared righteous by accepting Gods free gift of righteousness (Yeshua Messiah). 1John 2:29. 

Don't add anything else to this free gift of Christ’s righteousness. Don't go trying to modify it, adjust it, or remake it; just believe it and walk/live in this wonderful promise of God. Religious institutions may complicate some of the simple truths of the scriptures trying to make disciples and this is one of them. It's a simple truth, and one that is to be believed, if we plan to stand before a just, holy, righteous and pure God someday in peace.... Shalom!   

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